Plenary Sesions

26th October

1. Keynote Speaker Nomadic Emotions

2. Digitalisation in an Unconnected Europe and the Digital Divide

3. Recovery Plan

27th October

1. Take the Next Digital Step with Europass

2. Coffee with Dinosaurs

3. Small issues preparing an EOJD

4. Digitalizate PLUS Free Digital training for workers

Workshops A

A1 How to reach vulnerable people for life long guidance

A4 Europass The new digital tool to bridge the gap between the Networks

Workshops B

B1 A short overview on European Digital Credentials for Learning

B2 Team Management between trust and control

B3 Greening youth information services

B4 Labour market management skills among career practitioners

Workshops C

C1 Fair Mobility in a digitalised world

C2 A perfect fit or a perfect storm Creating synergies between Euroguidance and Europass

C3 Professional development through self-paced online course

Workshops D

D1 Inclusive mobility Call to action

D2 Some good practices and sowing the seeds for an inclusive mindset

D4 Everything you ever wanted to know about the EDC and more

Workshops E

E1 How social media impacts youths selection of profession

E2 Guidance in the Digital World Needs and Obligations

E3 Eurodesk Tools

E4 The hidden potential behind Digital skills self-assessment in Europass